Paladin DD

Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are


Your little BuDDies 2C grew up and became  Paladins!  Paladin's are Protectors of the people and the land.  Speaks to who we are and what we do.

Karla and Lance opened BuDDies 2C March 1 of 2019.  Lance had always done construction and I was a "jack of all trades".  Being a mother of 5 I had many jobs over the years when I had the opportunity to work.  

We married September 1, 1990 and feel very lucky to have found each other.  It's not always been easy but we've always stayed positive and true to who we are.  That's how we run our lives and our business.  And we plan the same longevity and commitment for our Business.

1 Year in and we have huge plans for growth and that includes our new name and Logo!  Each Day we grow and learn so there will be new things coming throughout the years ahead.  We appreciate your love, support and loyalty as we move forward.  

Thank you so much for being part of our lives and allowing us to serve our communities each day.

What We Do

Who We Are

Who We Are


Paladin Designated Drivers drives you home in your vehicle!~  No more concerns with how to get to your vehicle the next day for you, we take care of it.  We dispatch 2 people to your location, our lead driver drives you in your vehicle and our chase driver follows to pick up the lead. 

                                                             Call or Text 208-353-1326


Who We Are

Our 1st Anniversary March 1, 2020


0 to 2 miles           = $15

2.1 to 5 Miles        = $20

5.01 to 10 Miles    = $25

10.01 to 15 Miles  = $30

15.01 to 20 Miles  = $35

20.01 to 25 Miles = $40

$10 per extra stop

$10 per 10 minutes we wait for you

$25 Late Cancel/No Show Fee

Our 1st Anniversary March 1, 2020

Our 1st Anniversary March 1, 2020

Our 1st Anniversary March 1, 2020


We're so thankful to each of you for helping us get to our 1 year Anniversary!  It's been such a wonderful year, full of learning things, meeting great people and loving life.  

I'll be adding pictures of our celebration soon.


Our 1st Anniversary March 1, 2020




Amazing people and they provide an amazing service. Karla is absolutely amazing.

Ana N
This is a great business ran by even better people. They definitely care about your safety and that of the people around you. When you don’t plan things correctly and need to get you and your car home safely, these are the people to call. Their prices are way cheaper than a DUI. I can’t say enough about how awesome Karla(owner) and her husband are. Thanks for everything you guys do!

Andy M
Love these people!

Edgar S
Best way to get you and your car home safe.Reliable and affordable.

Savannah H

 Karla & Lance are such genuine, caring people. They truly have passion behind what they do and will go above and beyond for their customers! Love the service they provide - seriously how convenient to not only get yourself home safe AND not have the hassle of picking up your car the next day?! - but more than that, love the people behind the business. Definitely would recommend Buddies 2C! 💓 

Doris H

 Absolutely recommend Buddies 2C! It's s great service ran by great people! 


Our 1st Anniversary March 1, 2020



How do I  book a ride?

Call or Text 208-353-1326

Is there an app?

     We are trying to get an app but they are very expensive. 

Do I need a reservation?

     Reservations are not required but do help us serve you better.  

There is no extra fee for additional people.  We do transport children and dogs too. 

Do you take Credit Cards?

      We accept cash and credit cards.

Do you call when you get to me?

      Your driver will come in to get you and will be wearing an ID badge.  This is a safety precaution for you,  The bartenders and your friends know you are with us, safe and sound.

What area's do you work?

      Our main service is Nampa, Caldwell, Middleton.  We now have a team dedicated to Star, Meridian & Kuna.  We have plans to have permanent teams based in Boise later this year.

      We try to stay within 20 miles of Karcher Mall but we have customers we take to Boise regularly and bring from Boise back to Canyon County.  If we have enough teams to make special runs or if you do a reservation we will work to accommodate your needs.